ABC seems to be clinging to elitist disdain for the heartland even after proclaiming an outreach to these benighted souls.  

"Roseanne," one of the rare network shows that features a pro-Trump lead character, has been told to cut back on the conservative political humor next fall. ABC suits apparently can't take it much longer.

Fox reports:

ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey put the kibosh on “Roseanne” remaining political in the second season – apparently ditching the strategy the network touted only two months ago.

Dungey said that the show will lean away from politics next season during a conference call with reporters as part of the network’s upfront presentation. Upon learning the news, conservative media icon Matt Drudge tweeted, “Corporate cannibals stripping Roseanne of her fun.”

Part of the novelty of "Roseanne" was that it dared to showcase a conservative character. There seemed to be viewers who liked this:

The show, starring Roseanne Barr the pro-Trump title character, drew plenty of eyeballs when it premiered on March 27, shocking the industry with over 27 million viewers in Live+7 in delayed ratings. Shortly afterwards, ABC President Ben Sherwood eagerly rolled himself out to The New York Times after the successful return.

At the time, Sherwood claimed that ABC executives had a meeting the morning after the 2016 election about how they could better reach Middle America.

“We looked at each other and said, ‘There’s a lot about this country we need to learn a lot more about, here on the coasts,’” Sherwood told the Times in a feature headline, “‘Roseanne’ Reboot Sprang From ABC’s Heartland Strategy After Trump’s Victory.”

It is telling that the network is going to cut the conservative humor on "Roseanne," while Trump critics such as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are given a free rein (even Kimmel's insulting a nun who has dedicated her life to others doesn't rate a rebuke from the network).

So enjoy the conservative humor while you can.

You can always switch channels if the show isn't funny next year (as millions of conservative movie goers have in effect done, giving Hollywood less box office support than in the past, when movies appealed to a broader spectrum of the populace).