Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren reportedly stole the show at the Center for American Progress’ annual Ideas Conference in Washington on Tuesday as she laid out an aggressive liberal agenda and attacked President Donald Trump for undermining American democracy.

The Hill reported that this year’s CAP conference was an occasion for 2020 presidential contenders to demonstrate why they should be the next Democrat nominee for president.

In addition to Warren, other featured speakers included Sens. Bernie Sander of Vermont, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, as well as New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, former Obama Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro and Rep. Joseph Kennedy III of Massachusetts.

“Here we are at the CAP Ideas Conference proving once again that Democrats are the party of ideas. Lots of ideas. That’s what we’re proving all day long,” Warren proclaimed in the coveted closing speaker’s slot, having been immediately preceded by Kennedy.

“We have to promise real structural change, and we have to deliver on that promise the minute we get the chance,” Warren said.

The senator listed the ideas that had been touched on by the speakers throughout the day, rattling them off in less than a minute.

“Medicare for all, universal child care, debt-free college, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, gun reform, invest in clean energy, expand Social Security, rebuild our infrastructure, break up the banks, bring back the unions, guarantee everybody who wants to work a job that pays a living wage,” she said. “Dozens and dozens of truly great ideas.”

Warren went on to lament that none of those ideas will get implemented unless people face the reality that democracy in America is in crisis due in part to Trump.

The senator pointed to Trump not prevailing in the popular vote, yet still winning the presidency.

“Democracy hangs on the idea that whoever gets the most votes wins,” Warren said.

Trump won the Electoral College Vote 304 to 227. The Founding Fathers created the mechanism in the Constitution to ensure states would have a voice in choosing the president and in doing so directly rejected the straight popular vote as the final measure. There have been five times when the winner of the Electoral College did not win the popular vote.

The margin of Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory is entirely accounted for by the results in California, which she carried by nearly 3.5 million votes. Trump did not campaign in the state during the general election.

Warren went on to argue since taking office, Trump has flouted the nation’s norms and traditions.

“The president lies for sport and gets away with it,” Warren said.

She then turned her attention to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, labeling them enablers of Trump for the sake of passing the Republican agenda.

“They are willing to aid and abet the destruction of our democratic process to get their way,” Warren charged.

“Their agenda does not reflect the will of the people,” she added. “It’s designed to help only a handful of billionaires and big corporations. Everyone else gets left in the dirt.”

She further argued that Democrats need to push for more liberalized voting rules in the country and oppose “racist voter ID laws.”

Warren’s contention that the Republican agenda does not reflect the will of the people is contradicted by the record number of seats currently held by the GOP throughout the country.

Following the 2016 election, not only did Republicans retain majorities in the Senate and the House, they controlled 68 of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers and more seats — over 4,100 — than they have held since 1920, CNS News reported.

Additionally, Republicans currently control 33 of the nation’s governorships.

Further, though Warren railed against the Republican tax law, the majority of Americans support it.

Hadley Heath Manning, director of policy with the Independent Women’s Forum, responded to Warren’s liberal agenda, telling The Western Journal, “Progressives often brag about being the party of ideas, but the truth is that it’s easy to propose government-centric ‘solutions’ to every problem we face as a society.”

She continued, “And even though they are well-intended, they often come with unintended consequences that reduce our freedoms, create unsustainable costs, and most importantly, harm the very people they are meant to help.”