May 17, 2018 

Statement: Haspel Superb Choice to Lead CIA

Washington, DC — Independent Women's Forum Foreign Policy Fellow Claudia Rosett released the following statement in response to the Senate confirmation of Gina Haspel to be the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency:

"Gina Haspel is a superb choice to lead the CIA. She is a first-rate intelligence professional who will clearly do her utmost to protect our country while upholding its laws. America today faces an increasingly complex and dangerous world, in which the role of accurate, relevant and honest intelligence is more vital than ever to our security and our freedom. Director Haspel brings to the job a keen mind and combination of integrity and invaluable expertise, spanning more than three decades at the CIA. Her experience includes the challenges of the Cold War, counterterrorism, and leadership positions at CIA headquarters and in the field. She has directed operations against such hard targets as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, and earned the respect of a long and bipartisan roster of her colleagues and cohorts among those dedicated to defending this nation.

"As the first woman to lead the CIA, she provides a strong role model for women who aspire to serve this country. As a brilliantly qualified patriot, she will strive to provide, as she promised in her Senate testimony, 'what our nation needs from CIA — truth, integrity, courage.'"


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Caroline Phelps
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications
Independent Women’s Forum
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