As the saying goes–a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if those words were all cruel words? Graduation time on college campuses comes with many traditions for students and their families. Graduates dress up, some decorate their graduation caps, and some even take special graduation photos. That is where Kaitlin Bennett decided to break with tradition.

In her celebratory photo, Kaitlin sported a white dress, heels, an AR-10 strapped around her back and her cap read “Come and take it.” She did this as a protest against Kent State University’s policies against carrying a firearm on campus; as an official graduate, Kaitlin can now carry on campus.

In a follow up post, Kaitlin explains that “As a woman, I refuse to be a victim and the Second Amendment ensures that I don’t have to be.”

Social media exploded. If you scroll through her profiles you can see hundreds of hateful comments, from insults on her looks to death threats Kaitlin is now under attack. But what did she do wrong?

Kaitlin spent her undergraduate years at Kent State leading other freedom groups on campus, so her latest stunt was completely in character. It is the intolerant left that refuses to listen to women’s right to self defense.

IWF firmly believes that the Second Amendment improves women’s lives. We argue, “Women who defend the Second Ameendment know that a firearm is a power equalizer—making it possible for a woman of any size to defend herself against or escape from a physically more powerful attacker.”

Kaitlin has responded to many media inquiries in her fight for #CampusCarryNow. In an appearance on Fox News, she doubles down on her decision. “My problem is that [Kent State’s policies] are insinuating that they care more about the lives of the guests on campus than the lives of the students that spend four or more years on campus.”

In pointing out the hypocrisy in her alma mater’s policies, Kaitlin is fighting for women’s safety everywhere.


In context of the recent school schooting: IWF does not support gun violence. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims in Texas, and all other places affected by gun violence.