An elementary school in Philadelphia is attracting attention because of the anti-NRA and anti-Republican Party signs  at the entrance of the school. Here is the scene:

The signs, which were created by students amid the ongoing national debate over gun control, have slogans like "NRA – Go Away, GOP – Enough BS," "Protect Kids, Not Guns" and "Stop the NRA."

Just for the record, and momentarily leaving aside the political slogans, it is unfortunate when elementary school students use expressions such as BS.

But the signs are apparently fine with the administrators at the school in question, the Albert M. Greenfield School , which serves kindergarteners through eighth graders:

A school district spokesperson issued a statement after "Fox & Friends" reached out: "We support students' rights to self-expression as long as that expression does not disrupt an orderly school environment, and these signs are not in violation of School District of Philadelphia policy."

Call me skeptical, but I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the kids didn't do this on their own. Greenfield students are as young as five. How many five year olds even know what the NRA is?  

Erin Elmore, a mother, had this to say:

"Children as young as five go to this school. They're being used as political pawns. And it's scary," Elmore said, revealing that she no longer plans to send her son to Albert M. Greenfield School when he starts kindergarten.

Elmore is a Republican but I hope any parent, regardless of party affiliation, would find it disturbing that small children are being used as mouthpieces for political views they don't yet understand.

There is a word for what is going on at Albert Greenfield School, and it's not education. It's indoctrination.

An interview with parent Erin Elmore  is here.