Two of the feminist movement’s biggest leaders are making it clear that they are no supporters of Israel and try to convince us that we shouldn’t be either.  

In comments over the weekend, they challenge the founding of Israel as “a human rights crime” and proclaim that the pro-Palestine fight is “the global social justice cause of our time.  

Oh really? So, what about fighting for equality and freedom, especially for women around the world.

During a conference held by a group of lawyers and civil rights activists who traveled to Israel to learn more about the lives of Palestinians, Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory made some comments that reflect revisionist history. The Forward published their comments:

There are a lot of people who will say, ‘Do you believe that Israel has the right to exist? I believe we all have a right to exist, I want to see all of us live in a free society, where we are all able to raise our families and to be fruitful and have opportunities.

This is not about stopping one side. This is about ensuring that the native people are able to enjoy the land. They shouldn’t ask anybody for their land! This is their land!” added Mallory, to murmurs of approval from the audience.

And on the founding of Israel in 1948:

When you go to someone’s home and you need a place to stay, you ask ‘Can I come into your home and can I stay here, and can we peacefully coexist?’ You don’t walk into someone else’s home, needing a place. It’s clear you needed a place to go – cool, we got that! I hear that! But you don’t show up to somebody’s home, needing a place to stay, and decide that you’re going to throw them out and hurt the people who are on that land. And to kill, steal, and do whatever it is you’re gonna do to take that land! That to me is unfair. It’s a human rights crime.

Not to be outdone, Linda Sarsour, the Sharia-Law-supporting women’s activist and Women’s March co-chair who Glamour named Woman of the Year in 2017, chimed in with her thoughts.

For people in the social justice movement, all these conversations happen online and offline – people who are apparently very uncomfortable because we talk about Palestine, and [how] it might alienate some people. Well, people are going to have to come to terms with being uncomfortable: Palestine is the global social justice cause of our generation.”

This is apartheid happening in Palestine, funded by our taxpayers’ money. So don’t tell me about North Korea – because, guess what, I don’t fund North Korea’s human rights violations.

If these comments sound anti-Israel, they are, but it’s not the first time Mallory and Sarsour have been caught saying and supporting those who promote anti-Zionism and hate against Israel. Mallory continues to defend her support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who has said some pretty heinous things about Jews. Linda Sarsour has said -among many other things – that anyone who supports Israel cannot be feminists.

Is this really the face of feminism today? 

Let’s not forget that Sharia Law treats women sadistically from honor killings to child marriage and that the Islamic countries these women look to as examples have a poor record of securing women’s rights and are known for mistreating to those in the LGBT community and religious minorities

Sarsour and Mallory can keep their assessment of Israel and U.S. support for Israel to themselves. The irony is that they get to make outlandish statements from the safety of their lives in the freest nation in the world.