Generally, pundits do well to stick to the outward and visible aspects of the lives of people they cover.

Without any evidence, except her own prejudices, MSNBC's Nicole Wallace speculates that female members of President Trump's family are "dead inside:"

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace wants to know how the women in President Donald Trump‘s family can possibly cope with his bad behavior again and again.

Speaking with Vanity Fair reporter Emily Fox Thursday, Wallace wondered whether they were simply void of all emotions or possibly receiving payouts.

“What do they do on a day like today?” she asked. “Are they just the most stoic human beings, are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off, I mean, what’s their deal?”

My bolding, though I expect you didn't really need it to notice Ms. Wallace's presumption. 

Just a question: Does Ivanka Trump, who had a successful business career before joining her father's administration, strike you as "dead inside?"

And what about Melania Trump, who valiantly rises above it all, even when the media pursues her with baseless tales of domestic abuse, because she had had the nerve to withdraw from the public eye long enough to recuperate from kidney surgery?

Is there any evidence that our gracious first lady is "dead inside?"

Emily Fox takes up Wallace's theme:

“Yes, yes, and yes, but I think they do not see President Trump the way that all of us see President Trump,” she told Wallace.” “They have such a distorted image of who he is that they don’t have the kind of reaction that we do.”

The President's family definitely does not see their husband and father in the way the media does. But how odd to think that it is the people who see him on a daily basis who have the distorted image.

Someone named Earick Ward misguidedly urges on The American Thinker that the White House should pull the press credentials of the White House press corps.

No, no, no. Au contraire! Better would be to have Sarah Huckabee Sanders hold a press briefing every day.

The more people see of the press, the more the public comes to realize that former standards of fairness and objectivity have been suspended.

Nicole Wallace isn't part of the White House press corps, but the same principle applies.

So, thanks, Emily Fox, for an enlightening interview.

Really, very enlightening.