Hot Air's John Sexton has commented on something we've all been sort of noticing: it's the women of the Trump administration who are being harassed in public.

In an item headlined "The Misogynistic Resistance," Sexton writes:

It’s still early in this new phase of the resistance, but one noteworthy aspect of this is that, so far, the public harassment seems to mostly be targeting women. In addition to [Florida Attorney General Pam] Bondi, we’ve all heard about the restaurant owner in Virginia who asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her husband to leave over the weekend. Before that, a group of socialists forced DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to leave a restaurant. And just last month, someone at a restaurant threw water at Fox News personality Tomi Lahren.

This behavior hasn’t been solely limited to women. White House adviser Stephen Miller was also harassed at a restaurant recently. But the harassers seem to heavily favor women as targets. Why is that?

Why indeed? Discuss among yourselves.