Fox is reporting that the congressional intern who shouted “Mr. President, f— you!” as President Trump walked in the Capitol Rotunda last week is  21-year-old Caitlin Marriott, an intern in the office of Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

I actually refrained from mentioning this incident in a blog because it seemed so bizarre that an intern actually would do this that I wanted to make sure it was true and not just a rumor.

Senator Hassan obviously did not find this behavior as troubling as I did–the intern has been suspended but not fired and she will continue on the senator's staff through August.

It has been determined that Marriott is not a threat to the President–though she is certainly a threat to decency and civility.

The Resistance  role model for young people (as she becomes if she is allowed to remain on staff) also appears to be a bit of a showboat who doesn't take responsibility for her actions–she ran from the Rotunda after yelling an obscenity at the president. Apparently, it took a few days to learn the identity of the brave Resistance fighter.

Hassan's office explains:

“We are aware of the situation and have taken disciplinary action, including a one-week suspension and revoking her Congressional intern ID badge (thereby restricting her access to the Capitol), in response to her breach of office policies regarding respectful and appropriate conduct. We also facilitated contact with Capitol Police,” Hassan's spokesman, Aaron Jacobs, said.

Breach of office policies?

Well, that is one way to describe shouting "f— you!" at the President (or anybody) in the Capitol Rotunda (or anywhere).

I won't go on about how this is a breakdown in decency and civility because, Gentle Reader, you already know that. Senator Hassan's office apparently doesn't.

I guess this is the Maxine Waters School of Public Decorum. (See Patrice on Rep. Waters.)

Just for the record, I ardently wish President Trump hadn't described Rep. Waters as he did.

President George W. Bush's unfailing sense of decorum didn't save him from being showered with vitriol.

But still . . .  the President had won this one, so it was dumb to to take a potshot at Ms. Waters, whose behavior was so outrageous that her fellow Democrats recognize that it could backfire.