According to a new Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of “about 550 experts on women’s issues,” the world’s nine most dangerous countries for women are (1) India, (2) Afghanistan, (3) Syria, (4) Somalia, (5) Saudi Arabia, (6) Pakistan, (7) the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (8) Yemen, and (9) Nigeria.

Coming in at No. 10? That would be . . . the United States.

In other words, the “experts” polled by the Thomson Reuters Foundation want us to believe that America is a more dangerous place for women than countries such as South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, China, and North Korea.

I’m sure that most of the survey respondents are well-meaning people who sincerely want to improve the lot of women across the globe. Yet by designating America as the world’s tenth most dangerous country for women — ahead of all the countries listed in the previous paragraph — they severely undermine their credibility.