June 27, 2018

Statement: With Kennedy Retirement, Opportunity to Appoint Second Justice Who Takes Constitution Seriously

WASHINGTON, DC — Independent Women's Forum Legal Fellow Erin Hawley, also associate professor of law at the University of Missouri and former clerk to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., released the following statement in response to the announcement that Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire from the Supreme Court:

"This past week has demonstrated how closely divided the United States Supreme Court is on critical issues like freedom of speech and religion. With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, President Trump will have an opportunity to appoint a second Supreme Court justice who believes in originalism and will take the words of our constitution seriously. This will likely be his most important and most enduring legacy."

Hawley predicted the justice's resignation in an opinion piece in The Hill earlier in the day: "What do Justice Kennedy's concurrences mean for the future of the Supreme Court?


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