Rich Lowry had a terrific column on the "tawdry and dumb" Nazi analogy that is all the rage (and I do mean rage) right now:

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden notoriously and unapologetically tweeted a photo of Auschwitz-Birkenau as a response to family separations at the border.

Upon a report that parents at the border were being told that their children were being taken to get bathed and disappearing, Chris Hayes of MSNBC tweeted, “What does this remind you of?” Soledad O’Brien chimed in, “Welp, I guess we’ve put to rest the question: ‘Nazi Germany: Could it happen here in America?’”

I have a relaxed attitude toward harsh political rhetoric, but Nazi analogies are over the line, and combined with the left’s taste for personally confronting Trump officials and supporters, they portend greater civil conflict and, perhaps, violence.

You don’t deal with Nazis, you don’t talk to Nazis, you don’t tolerate Nazis. You do to Nazis what happens to them, gruesomely and often, in the Quentin Tarantino film “Inglourious Basterds.” To consider your domestic political opponents Nazis is to place them beyond the pale and beyond the ambit of civil society. They must be confronted and crushed, by means fair and foul.

Progressives imagine that they are protecting our system when making these and related charges, but they are really losing faith in it themselves and undermining its legitimacy.

I want to add something else that is overlooked in the odious Nazi analogy: unlike in Nazi Germany, these kids will be returned to their parents. They are not being separated to kill anybody,

We're all concerned about children who are separated from their parents at our border. We're also concerned about illegal immigration. But we don't want innocent children to suffer.

We hope that this situation will be corrected in a way that supports children and our immigration laws.

But here is one thing we know: as heartrending as this situation is, we are not kidnapping or stealing these unfortunate children.