We wish you a happy Fourth of July and hope that, amidst the fireworks and hotdogs, all Americans will take just  few moments to appreciate our freedom.

We're celebrating the Fourth this year when we have a great deal of division in the country.

So it's especially important this year to stop and remember that we are fortunate to live in such a great and free country.

To help with your patriotic reflections, here is an excellent video by John Stossel, who celebrates the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and opines that it is a darned good thing we broke from England.

Reason comments on Stossel's musings: 

This Fourth of July, when you watch the fireworks, will you think about the Declaration of Independence?

We should, says John Stossel. After all, the holiday is meant to honor the Declaration. It, and the Constitution it led to, help keep us free.

Compare America to Britain, the country we broke away from. There, they sentenced a man to more than a year in jail for making a Facebook live video outside a courthouse.

Getting locked up for something you write on social media is also common; hundreds get arrested for that in Britain every year.

Fortunately, in America, thanks to the First Amendment, we can say most anything without being jailed.

And Stossel cites several other freedoms we take for granted that are threatened elsewhere.