House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who tried to convince American workers that a $1,000 bonus is just a crumb, is at it again.

Here is what Rep. Pelosi tweeted about the terrific jobs report for June (as captured by Power Line):

The June #JobsReport shows what is at stake from the brewing storm of rising health costs, spiraling trade uncertainty & an economy being hollowed out to enrich big corporations & the wealthiest 1 percent. Americans deserve better than the GOP’s raw deal.

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) July 6, 2018

Okay, that is Ms. Pelosi's response to a report that shows 213,000 jobs added to the economy in June.

Maybe she is referring to the slight uptick in the unemployment number. But even this, as CNN Money explains, is not such bad news:

The unemployment rate inched up to 4%, the first increase in almost a year. But even that reflected a healthy economy: It rose because more than 600,000 Americans joined the work force. The job market is so good, many people who had previously given up looking are starting again.

"It's a good thing. There are more people coming into the labor force," said Satyam Panday, senior economist at S&P Global Ratings. "It indicates that we have more labor market slack."

New entrants, including blue-collar workers and teenagers, shouldn't have much trouble finding a job. There are more openings right now than unemployed workers, leading businesses to expand hiring to historically disadvantaged groups.

Rep. Pelosi seems to think the jobs report is a Rorschach test that encourages the viewer to see whatever she wants to see.

These numbers are not crumbs, especially if you are one of the 213,000 Americans who have a new job.