JULY 9, 2018

IWF Applauds Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Washington, DC — Independent Women’s Forum Legal Fellow Erin Hawley today released the following statement following President Trump’s announcement that he will nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice succeeding Justice Anthony Kennedy: 

“By nominating D. C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump has fulfilled his pledge to put forward a judge who has demonstrated his commitment to the Constitution. A former law clerk to Justice Kennedy, whom he would replace, Judge Kavanaugh could not be more qualified. In over a decade on the federal bench he has authored nearly 300 opinions, time and again demonstrating his superb judicial demeanor and commitment to originalism and textualism. Judge Kavanaugh believes in judicial humility and the separation of powers. He has been a staunch defender of religious liberty and believes that the role of federal judges is limited to interpreting and applying federal law and the Constitution, and that it is up to the people, through their representatives, to make the law. The Senate should work quickly to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.”


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