When Colleges Say "Inclusive," What They Really Mean Is No Conservatives

–Headline in today's New York Post

The New York Post story under the headline deals with a new report on speakers at the State University of New York at Albany from Campus Reform and it's a stunner.

It appears that at SUNY-Albany conservatives are silenced through the simple expedient of never inviting them to air their views on campus.

Campus Reform reports a slight discrepancy between the number of conservative and liberal speakers invited to the campus–64 liberals, versus two conservatives.

Here is now the Post characterized campus speakers:

Many of the speakers were officials who’d worked in the Obama administration, including two Environmental Protection Agency regional directors and the head of Customs and Border Protection.

Events included discussions on “marginalized communities,” “barriers to naturalization for low-income immigrants” and “gender and sexuality from a Jewish lens.”

Part of the reason for the skew, the report says, is the school’s “Strategic Plan,” which calls for a more “diverse” and “inclusive” campus. By “inclusive,” SUNY apparently means: let almost no conservatives speak.

Have you been alarmed at how politically involved young people often spout slogans and seem unable to marshal facts for arguments?

It might be that they have never had to.