While we anticipate nonstop media focus on Omarosa today, I urge you not to miss Katie Pavlich's more substantive profile of woman who works quietly in the Trump administration to make policy changes that will improve the lives of individuals.

She's Ivanka Trump:

While still a daughter, as a senior advisor to the president Ivanka Trump has aggressively pursued the latter and her indefinitely delayed departure is for the better.

Ivanka Trump, once the center of White House palace intrigue stories and Washington gossip, has been quietly and diligently working on significant projects. While she is engaged on social media, she’s stayed out of the limelight and for the most part, out of the media. She has limited her interviews and refuses to engage in the constant, superficial back and fourth brought on by the daily assaults on her father’s presidency.

She is spearheading the White House Workforce Expansion Initiative, with a goal of working with companies and local communities to fill the current skills gap between available employment and individuals.

In July, President Trump signed an executive order creating the National Council for the American Worker. Unlike many bureaucratic moves and council creations, the goal of incentivizing companies to work with students to develop applicable skills has major promise.

 The White House is urging the private sector to lead on the issue, rather than implementing burdensome, inefficient government mandates with little results.  

. . .

For connecting the government and private sector, while breaking through infamous federal bureaucracy, Ivanka Trump is exactly what Washington needed. She’s making policy changes inside the beltway, prompting an improvement in the lives of individuals across the country.

But you could miss Ms. Trump's quiet achievements if you depend on the legacy media.