Netflix has cancelled "comedian" Michelle Wolf's show "The Break with Michelle Wolf."

There has been all sorts of gossip that Netflix is kowtowing to conservatives.

How about a simpler explanation?

Michelle Wolf isn't funny.

Jim Geraghty says this is the Occam's Razor explanation:

Let’s just use Occam’s Razor here. Netflix is a business, and it wants to make money. Unlike most past television programmers who make money through advertising, they make almost all of their revenue through subscriptions. (They still make money on DVD rentals, too.)

Unlike the old Nielsen television-rating system, Netflix knows exactly how many subscribers are watching which programs. The company rarely publicly discusses specific numbers of viewers, except when they’re really high — such as the 11 million subscribers who streamed the original Will Smith fantasy-cop drama Bright in its first few days of release.

Netflix, which has signed the Obamas for millions of dollars, had to know that the left would not like canceling Wolf:

And yet they canceled it anyway.

What does that tell us? It tells us that the audience for Wolf’s show had to be really, really small, even if it was vocal on social media. The audience had to be so small that it wasn’t worth keeping for the praise from lefty television writers, and so small that it was worth taking the flak for cancelling it. So small that even Netflix, with $290.1 million in net income in the first quarter of 2018, couldn’t justify the expense of continuing the show.

That’s a small audience.

So really it is the market that cancelled Wolf.

It speaks volumes about elite values that Ms. Wolf, who apparently could not make it with a larger audience, was hired by the White House Correspondents Association to provide "humor" at their last dinner,

Wolf was cruel and unfunny about White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders,seated near her on the dias, when she performed that night. .

Ms. Wolf seems to regard abortion, which most people, regardless of their opinion on, it regard as a serious matter, as side-splittingly funny.

It speaks well for the public's taste that Wolf could not make it on Netflix.

It just may mean that we still want to laugh over things that are funny, as opposed to enjoying cruelty and vulgarity.