recent poll by Refinery 29 found that only 18% of millennial women view Ivanka Trump favorably. In her double role as first daughter and as senior advisor to the president of the United States, Ivanka is poised to make a meaningful impact on the course of Trump’s presidency. I believe millennial women are missing out on a great role model.

Ivanka Trump has been outspoken on many issues including paid family leave and women in business. Additionally, she is an author, fashion icon, and has claimed her fame while staying out of the limelight. What a better role model for millennials entering the workforce?

Instead of falling for partisan rhetoric, millennials should stop ignoring a strong female leader who endlessly promotes equality in the business.

Unsurprisingly the split in the opinion poll occurred along party lines—Republican millennials held favorable views of Ivanka while 73% of Democrat millennials said they disliked the first daughter. These results confirm an earlier CBS poll. The blue bias in the millennial generation is a driving factor in these results.

One participant in the CBS News and Refinery 29 poll said that, “She has strong opinions about many issues, particularly issues regarding women, and she makes those opinions known to President Trump.” She is truly the professional woman’s role model.