College loan debt is a national crisis, some might say disgrace. Young people who were encouraged to take on serious debt at eighteen or nineteen are now asking: Was there a better way?

Join Independent Women's Forum for an all-star panel September 11 that will address the pressing issue of the cost of college. Are there solutions? Alternatives? Any reasons for optimism? And why is college so expensive?

Our experts: Mary Clare Amselem of the Heritage Foundation, who knows the ins and outs of the loan system, Antoinette Jackson, who has pursued an increasingly popular path for a debt-free education, Mark J. Perry of the American Enterprise Institute, who explores hidden reasons why college is so expensive, and Vickie  Schray, who will present the truth about certain for-profit educational options.

IWF Senior Policy Analyst Inez Feltscher Stepman moderates.

We as a society encourage young people, eighteen or nineteen, to make a decision to undertake serious debt for a college degree. Is that really wise? College debt is so exorbitant that many believe the system is at a tipping point. There must be a better way t educate the next generation.

Don't miss this important panel!


Hillsdale College Kirby Center

227 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast

Washington, DC 20002

(near Union Station)

Date and Time

Tue, September 11, 2018

5:30 PM – Wine and Cheese Reception

6 PM — Panel Discussion