Twitter erupted after a local Dallas news station reported new findings in Botham Jean’s case tagged with the headline: “Search warrant: Marijuana found in Botham Jean’s apartment after deadly shooting.”

Botham Jean was shot in his own apartment by a police officer who says she mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment. Many argue that investigators went searching for evidence against Botham Jean after the fact, in order to create “criminal justification for the victim.”

Since the uproar the headline has been changed to match the feeling of those following this case to read: “Lawyers ‘disgusted’ by release of search warrant showing marijuana found in Botham Jean’s apartment.”

Despite this, screenshots of the original headline live on and continue to spark heated debates about the condemnation of Botham Jean’s character, police brutality, and the media’s responsibility in accurate reporting.

Through the power of social media platforms like Twitter, young people are able to hold media accountable for their headlines. Millennials have been given a bad rap for participating in hashtag wars and trendy political arguments on social media—but it seems this watchdog effect has had a positive impact in this case.