Former Senator Judd Gregg has a must read opinion piece in today’s Hill Newspaper.

Addressing Hawaii’s Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono’s recent statement that men should “shut up” about the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, for which she received high praise from her female Democrat colleagues, Gregg wonders, is a sitting United States Senator asking her male constituents to stay silent? 

That’s not exactly a smart political move. He writes:

There are approximately 700,000 men in Hawaii.

Many of them do considerable service.

Some are stationed at Pearl Harbor with the purpose of defending the island and our nation. Others are policemen, firemen, teachers, union members — or surfers, of course. They probably like to talk about University of Hawaii football games or whether the surf is up.

One suspects they also have opinions on politics and on things like who should be serving on the Supreme Court.

It is hard to tell 700,000 of your constituents to “shut up." But this appears to be what the senator is telling them to do. Such an approach hardly seems a qualification for folk-hero status.

As those who opposed Kavanaugh’s appointment continue to promote the idea that all women – regardless of evidence – should be believed, those who appreciate the constitution, the rule of law, and the presumption of innocence, will continue to push back. 

All women should be treated respectfully and compassionately, but we mustn’t abandon America’s bedrock principles to further a political goal of keeping Kavanaugh off the bench. 

Nor should a sitting United States Senator demand the silence from an entire demographic of Americans.