Just when you thought public discourse couldn't get any worse, Illinois Times editorial cartoonist Chris Britt uses Judge Brett Kavanaugh's ten-year-old daughter in a vicious cartoon.

The little girl is depicted kneeling at her bed, praying, "Dear God, forgive my lying angry, alcoholic father for sexually assaulting Dr. Ford."

Liza Kavanaugh had said, "We should pray for the lady," when the Kavanaugh daughters gathered for prayers with their mother.  

The newspaper issued a "clarification:" Britt is a regular contributor but not an employee and this cartoon appeared on his own Facebook page. The clarification contained no language critical of the cartoon, however.

And indeed the cartoons the newspaper's editors okayed and published leave something to be desired in the way of human decency:

Prior to the cartoon of Kavanaugh's daughter, Creators Syndicate published seven cartoons by Britt related to the sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh. One cartoon that was published by the Illinois Times on Sept. 20 shows Kavanaugh waiting at a "predator bus stop" for a vehicle driven by President Trump and carrying Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The vehicle was labed "Trash the Women Tour" and was emblazoned with bumper stickers, some of which read "Women aren't people" and "Attempted rape can be quite great."

Decent people already know how sad, indecent, and shocking this is, so I don't need to elaborate.