IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 4, 2018
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Statement: #CancelKavanaugh Celebrities, Lawmakers, and Women’s March Activists Use Dr. Ford to Exploit Emotion Over a Deeply Personal Issue
Justice Must Not Come at the Expense of Due Process

Washington, DC — Independent Women’s Forum senior policy analyst Patrice Onwuka issued the following statement in response to the #CancelKavanaugh protest held on Capitol Hill today:

“Let’s be clear. The #CancelKavanaugh rally and these women do not represent or speak for all women. Women support Judge Brett Kavanaugh for good reasons: he’s qualified and will protect personal liberty and uphold the Constitution.

“People want to turn this into a women versus men issue.  But it’s not.  Opponents of Judge Kavanaugh — like those marching alongside the Women’s March activists today — have set up the false dichotomy that if we support survivors of sexual assault telling their story, we must automatically believe all women because of their gender. Justice for victims must not come at the expense of due process or the suspension of the presumption of innocence. The celebrities, lawmakers, and Women’s March activists are using Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to exploit emotion over a deeply personal issue.”


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