October 6, 2018

Statement: IWF Applauds Senators & President Standing Behind Presumption of Innocence

WASHINGTON, DC — Independent Women's Forum (IWF) Chairman Heather R. Higgins released the following statement in response to the Senate vote confirming Justice Brett Kanavaugh to the United States Supreme Court:

“The U.S. Senate rightfully stood behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh today, but more importantly, our Senators and our President stood behind the time-honored principle of the presumption of innocence. Today’s vote was not about Kavanaugh’s qualifications, which are undisputed, nor his judicial temperament, which was universally agreed to until it became expedient to pretend that was an issue. Today’s vote was about fairness, the importance of due process, of evidence and respect. 
“While every victim of sexual assault deserves to be heard, no one deserves to be convicted without corroboration or evidence. Furthermore, no victim of sexual assault deserves to be unfairly re-victimized as part of a political ploy, as Senate Democrats did to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She too deserved better.
“We are seeing the consequences of transforming  the Supreme Court from the role of non-partisan umpires that our Constitution intended, to being unelected super-legislators making policy and law. This confirmation process was unfairly and unnecessarily politicized. The Supreme Court is not a partisan or political body. Sexual assault is not a partisan or political issue. Personal destruction for political ends has no place in our Senate. The incivility and bullying behavior, particularly by women who claim to respect all women, on Sen. Susan Collins and towards other Senators trying to respectfully listen to all their constituents, has no place in a civil, respectful society. Americans have been discouraged watching our nation’s institutions be debased during this avoidable spectacle. We all deserved better than this 

“We are thankful that the end result protects due process and objectivity. Welcome to the Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”



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