Elle, the fashion magazine, sent out a tweet hinting at trouble in the marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Only, when the curious clicked, they were directed to a site promoting voter registration. Nary a word about the West-Kardashian marriage.

Is nastiness of this sort in fashion?

Slyly promoting a divorce rumor to lure people into voting? It's not only unfair to the couple but it also trivializes voting, which used to be a serious undertaking which decent people pondered with some degree of gravity.

CNN commentator Chris Cillizza called Elle's ruse "brilliant" in a tweet, but other people were correctly appalled at the gimmick.

Enough people were appalled and registered this reaction that Elle had to admit in a tweet that it had made a "bad mistake" ("Our passion for voter registration clouded our judgement and we are sincerely sorry").  

You don't have to be a genius to know why this particular couple was singled out for this indignity. Hot Air comments:

No doubt, the marriage of these two was used because they have connections to President Trump. #TheResistance is incensed that Kanye West was given a platform in the Oval Office recently and he truly seems to like Trump.

Kim Kardashian is on record as giving credit to her meeting with Trump for the early release of a woman imprisoned for a drug offense. The convicted woman even went on television and thanked the president for his intervention.

Make no mistake, the angry left will stop at nothing to claim some sort of victory. Using clickbait was cheap and in this case, backfired. Talk about some fake news!

It seems to me, if they can’t get readers interested enough in voting to take the time to register, then that’s on them. There is no shortage of celebrities and creative people in this election cycle asking people to register to vote and to actually go vote.

Incidentally, voter registration already was closed in many states when Elle resorted to this ill-conceived trick.

Maybe this indicates that Elle's editors should become better informed?

Elle of course isn't the only fashion magazine going all in for left-leaning politics.

Just the other day, a lengthy (and hilariously plodding) Teen Vogue article advocated for socialism.

It would be futile to suggest that these magazines return to fashion–because ill-digested left-leaning politics is fashion nowadays.