IWF is delighted to welcome Sara Carter to our team. Sara joins IWF as a Visiting Fellow who is known as an award-winning investigative journalist who covers national security, terrorism, and immigration. Sara did front-line coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sara will go anywhere to uncover the truths that other journalists ignore, even if it means being shot at by the Taliban (which happened when Sara was embedded with troops on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border). She was most recently embedded in the caravan from Central America.

Sara is a fearless woman who knows every corner of the world and willing to pursue and break stories other reporters won't touch. She is a Renaissance woman who studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Welcome aboard, Sara.

Meet Sara:

You probably already know Sara from her frequent appearances on Fox News, where she is a regular Contributor who shares her scoops and insights. Among her awards: a first place from the Society of Professional Journalists for her work on Afghan women and children addicted to opium; a National Headliner award for the story of a child born into the Mexican Mafia; and a California Newspaper Publishers Association Freedom of Information Act Award for her investigation into millions of federal dollars misspent by a local school districts in an impoverished neighborhoods Sara grew up in Saudi Arabia, the daughter of a Marine veteran father and Cuban immigrant mother. She is married to retired Master Sergeant Martin Bailey and the mother of six children. She graduated from California State Polytechnic University. Sara loves to use the acting skills acquired in London to try out accents in public places, embarrassing her husband and children.