A new migrant caravan is forming in Guatemala, as thousands in another caravan from Honduras are attempting to reach the U.S. borders.

These caravans entail enormous suffering and will not end well for many of the poor souls who have set out for our borders.

It just might be time to consider whether President Trump's wall might have prevented this humanitarian catastrophe.

If people knew that our borders were well-protected and that entering the United States illegally was well-nigh impossible, what are the odds that thousands would have undertaken this treacherous march?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi famously has dismissed the idea of the wall as a "manhood issue" for President Trump and insisted that walls are "not something people do between countries." Here is the quote:  

“It’s immoral, expensive, ineffective and not something people do between countries,” Pelosi said. “In any event, it happens to be like a manhood issue for the president, and I’m not interested in that.”

This is ahistorical. Walls are something people have done between countries since the dawn of history, often with great success.

Has Ms. Pelosi ever heard of The Great Wall of China, erected in part to control immigration, or Hadrian's Wall, which defined the northern limits of the Roman Empire?  

Roger L. Simon argues that the wall will be the "unintended consequence" of the caravans.