IWF is delighted to welcome Stephanie Green to our team. Stephanie joins IWF as a Visiting Fellow whose perceptive articles on cultural issues have been published in The Weekly Standard, Vogue, WWD, and Vanity Fair.

Stephanie is interested in all things cultural–and their larger implications. She has recently written about such wildly different figures as Bunny Mellon and the Bronte sisters. She has reported for all Bloomberg platforms and is a former reporter and columnist for The Washington Times.

Welcome aboard, Stephanie!

Meet Stephanie:

Stephanie is an attention-grabbing writer who last year penned a much-talked-about article for Washingtonian magazine on what it is like to be a young Trump supporter in Washington, D.C. An unlikely Trump voter, Stephanie confessed that she adored abstract paintings and didn't know what NASCAR stood for.

"At cocktail parties during the campaign," Stephanie wrote, "whenever I mentioned that I liked Donald Trump, I could see the face of the person before me slowly contort into an expression of horror. I’d imagine his or her internal monologue: “This girl can’t be one of them. She’s well dressed and well spoken, for God’s sake.”   

On a more serious note, Stephanie is passionate about American history and serves as regent of the Constitution Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. We are delighted to welcome this talented woman to IWF!