Sometimes pop culture really gets the message right. With just six days to go before the midterm elections, "Madame Secretary" made a huge move to impress upon young voters the importance of voting. In this scene, Tea Leoni — who plays Secretary of State Bess McCord — discovers her college-age daughter, Allison, chose not to vote on Election Day because the candidate she supported compromised on an issue. 
Allison says her generation "isn't putting up with hypocrites anymore." 
McCord is caught off guard at her daughter's admission she didn't vote and doesn't let her off the hook. She proceeds to let Allison know that "the next guy who doesn't let you down will be the first," reminding her that "democracy is flawed." 
And she didn't stop there. 
"I just flew halfway around the world to recover the bodies of patriots who gave their lives to protect this country," said McCord. "They died along with hundreds of thousands of Americans in too many wars so that Allison McCord could have the right to vote — and you won't honor that because your guy caved on a single issue?"
That seemed to do the trick and within seconds, Allison seems to have changed her mind about voting for the "hypocrite" she was so quick to toss away. In the next scene, we see her entering a polling place filled with all different kinds of Americans juxtaposed in the next by American-flag draped caskets carried gracefully by service members. No words are necessary. 
While there may be moments of thoughtful non-votes for good reasons, too many people take their right and privilege to vote for granted. In the midterms, turnout is far lower than on Presidential years — and it shouldn't be this way. It's our duty as Americans to take this process seriously and recognize that our ability to live freely is due to the brave men and women who have gone before us.