Early last week CNBC highlighted the story of John Cronin, a millennial who built a $1.7 sock company right out of high school. John also has Down syndrome.

As I have reported before, millennials are starting more businesses at younger ages than previous generations. Between our booming economy and small business deregulation, this is the perfect environment to start a business. Despite his challenges, John decided to take the leap and start John’s Crazy Socks with his father Mark.

After gaining attention across social media, former President George H. W. Bush has become one of the company’s biggest customers.

Named the Chief Happiness Officer, John explained, “I wanted to go into business with my father.” He decided his mission was to “spread happiness” and the best way to do that was to use his passion for colorful, fun, and unique socks.

Based out of Melville. NY, half of the people that work for John’s Crazy Socks are also special needs. John’s father, Mark, President of the business added, “We don’t have any special programs, we are just giving people meaningful work.” And this method has proven to be extremely successful.

With consumer confidence through the roof, I am thankful for the economic prosperity in America that makes businesses like John’s Crazy Socks possible. Find them online here and watch their video below:

This millennial won’t let Down syndrome stop him from running a million-dollar sock business from CNBC.