The exclusion of conservative women from the pages of glossy women’s magazines is nothing new.

In these publications, it’s more of the same: How to look your best, how to dress your best, and how to be your best [social justice warrior].

So, when Marie Claire published an article on election eve, “50 Influential Women on Why They’re Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections,” it was hardly surprising to see not a single voice from a conservative woman.

The only names remotely close to that were those of former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson and “Today” show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager, neither of whom have been open about who they’re voting for or why.

Instead, Marie Claire featured liberal Hollywood celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Garner. The magazine also included leaders of far-left activist groups, such as Ilyse Hogue of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Dr. Leana Wen of Planned Parenthood, who advocate for radical policies regarding abortion, despite a deep divide on the issue among women.

And of course, it featured no shortage of liberal politicians, such as Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kamala Harris.

In Marie Claire’s defense, it’d be hard to find a conservative woman in Hollywood—at least one who’s willing to speak in public about it. But the same can’t be said for female conservative activists and politicians, of whom there are plenty.

Take Heather Higgins, president of the Independent Women’s Forum. Hers is a group that exists to engage and inform women on issues that affect them and their families, from taxes and the economy to health care and paid job leave.

Or how about Kay Coles James, the president of The Heritage Foundation? As an African-American and a newly appointed member of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission, we know Mrs. James has something interesting to sayabout women exercising their right to vote.

Finally, there’s also a deep bench of former and current conservative female officeholders and policymakers who aren’t shy about speaking out, such as Sen. Joni Ernst, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, and former presidential contender Carly Fiorina.

Are their reasons for voting irrelevant? Apparently they are to Marie Claire.

Conservative women aren’t ones to complain about our voices being suppressed. Usually, that’s a given. We also don’t get hung up on the fact that 9 times out of 10, Marie Claire won’t call to ask what we think.

Instead, we show up at the polls. That’s because when we’re constantly underrepresented in pop culture, entertainment, and “women’s magazines,” we know the ballot box is the most effective way to fight back.

It’s the only way, really, for us to be heard.

So, thanks, Marie Claire, for reminding conservative women on the eve of the 2018 midterm elections why it’s so important for us to put on our high heels and head to the polls.