Last week, Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson poked fun at wounded veteran and Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw — and drew criticism from both the Left and Right for his tasteless joke. After calls for an apology, Davidson did so last night — in a way that many are applauding. Check out Davidson' heartfelt apology, in which Crenshaw appeared on the show to accept, and say a few words of his own. The whole thing is moving and a great example of the way civility can and should be done: 

I also really resonated with the words of one of my favorite podcasters, Annie F. Downs, in her Instagram post about the final moment of the segment: 





I’ve watched this sketch from last night’s @nbcsnl probably five times already and THIS moment is the one I can’t shake. It makes me teary. At the very end, when Colin Jost is closing the segment, Pete Davidson leans over and we hear him say, “you’re a good man” to Dan Crenshaw. … And if you hear the speech Dan gives right before this, if you’ve watched this week as he’s responded to Pete’s inappropriate joke last weekend that stirred all this up in the first place, you can see why Pete is softened and moved by this moment. ….. Dan offered forgiveness when he could have raged. Dan showed humility when he could have capitalized. Dan gave honor when he could have asked to be honored. ….. And no matter how calloused you appear, when someone treats you kinder than you deserve, when someone offers grace when you should be punished, when you get a handshake from the one you mocked a week ago, that will change you. ….. Be the one who gives the handshake. Be the one who gives honor. Be the one who gives grace. Be the one who goes on national television and reminds us how this whole thing should be done.

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Nov 11, 2018 at 1:18pm PST