As we watch and wait for news out of California, one incredible story of heroism has emerged from the wildfires. 
A man, identified in the Twitter thread below Allyn Pierce, went twice back into the flames in his Toyota truck to rescue people in Paradise, California. 
Pierce is a nurse who manages the ICU at Paradise's hospital, Adventist Health. His efforts were pivotal in getting patients out of harms way — and saving victims struggling to survive inside the city.
He was so sure he might die in this act of bravery that he neven recorded a goodbye message to his family while driving — with fires raging outside of his window.
His truck is nearly melted, but he survived. Now, Toyota has offered to buy him a new truck and a GoFundMe campaign was started for him. Pierce was quick to say helping the patients and survivors was a group effort, but it's clear he stepped up in the face of immense danger.
Read the harrowing Twitter thread:
In another touching moment amid the damage, a firefighter was seen taking efforts to save an American flag in the video below: 
The lives lost and homes and businesses destroyed are a horrific tragedy, but it's obvious that a spirit of courage and compassion comes alive in Americans nationwide when catastrophe strikes. 
We continue to think of and pray for those affected by the wildfires in California.