An Independent Women Update

as delivered by

President of Independent Women's Voice

Tammy Bruce

at the

Independent Women's Forum 2018 Annual Awards Dinner

November 14, 2018


Tammy Bruce:

Hi everybody, thank you for being here.  I want you to, while the lights are up it seems, take a look at this room.  Look at yourselves for a moment. We have had maybe a couple of difficult weeks, but obviously this is the greatest nation in the world and we are all committed to helping to make a difference, aren't we?  And that is a commitment that transcends party and partisan politics even. It's about what's best for our families in the future.

One year ago I was on this stage and talked about how important it is for there to be a group like Independent Women's Forum to show that women, like men, benefit from greater economic freedom and more opportunity, correct?  That transcends everything. It is all of us. We need Conservative women out there to push back on the narrative developed by the Left and moved by the legacy media that casts men as our enemy and bigger government as the answer.  Neither one of those things are true.  

Today I am proud of what we've been able to accomplish this past year.  As Harris told you, I'm the President of Independent Women’s Voice, the IWF’s sister organization, and together we've been working to change the conversation to promote a better and more civil debate.  Do you think maybe that's called for a bit these days? Right? I think so. And to celebrate all the good news of what women are accomplishing in this extraordinary country.  

To that end, last year we launched, at last year's gala, the Champion Women Project.  Those of you in this room made that possible. You committed to it then and I am pleased to announce tonight that there will be a summit next year in the summer and the number of women not just here who are also participating in that, let me just say it is, of course, it's an event about championing women, all women, and the nature of what makes all of us sisters, and what makes all of us Americans.  

Now, I'm a Democrat. I know some of you may be surprised at that. You shouldn't be, because the values that I stand for happen to now also be Conservative values, but there are also a number of Democrats in this room as well, who you will be seeing at the Champion Women's Summit, and who have made a commitment to this organization and to the effort to improve the future for all of our lives. And my thanks – a couple of my friends also at Fox News you seen, Capri Cafaro is here.  Yeah. They're she is. Capri, thank you, also a Democrat who is in this room and helping to sponsor this event, so thank you my dear, right? And Cathy Areu. Cathy are you here? There's so many of you, it's difficult to like, call out one or two people. Cathy Areu is the Liberal sherpa on Tucker Carlson’s show. Cathy understands also the nature of the importance of our coming together, so it's an honor to be in this room with all of you.

Also, I'm going to guess many independents, perhaps, sitting in this room, is that correct?  And people who have made the transition, like I have, from one end of politics to the other, and my thanks to Heather Higgins and her husband James for working in all of the years.  In the years when I was with the National Organization for Women, making sure that, James and Heather working to make sure that there was a continuum of a Conservative ideal for women that made it possible for this platform to exist and for women like myself and so many others to have someplace to go, like all of you as well in this fabulous evening.  So, we have compiled, by the way, a short video now of just a few highlights from the past year and it was a big challenge to narrow down what to include, but we've done it. I know, also, that this is just the beginning, as you know, and a year from now and IWF and IWV will have an even bigger reach and impact with all of us standing together.  But, for now, please enjoy the video celebrating the last year for Independent Women's Forum.