Women who don't automatically vote for the Democrat have been shamed lately.

From former first lady Michelle Obama to an article in Teen Vogue (!) headlined "Why Do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP Against Their Own Interests" conservative women have faced dismissiveness and condescension for not voting for Democratic candidates.

Carrie Lukas had a great piece on the shaming of conservative women by progressives this week.

And now Trump voter Erin Montgomery at Real Clear Politics puts forward another reason why many independent-minded women are looking at the economic evidence and refusing to toe the progressive line: women are doing extremely well in the Trump era, Montgomery writes:

I don’t need a fashion magazine to tell me what is in my own best interest. Instead, I look at what President Trump has already achieved:

The economy has added nearly 4.5 million jobs since his election. Unemployment for women, African-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans has plummeted to record-low levels.

The women’s unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, the lowest it has been in 65 years. Since January 2017, 2.2 million new jobs have been filled by women, and 1.4 million American women have joined the labor force.

More support has been given to women entrepreneurs, and by all measures, women are winning in the Trump economy.

I am not a “foot soldier of the patriarchy,” as the self-proclaimed “radical feminist” and author Mona Eltahawy would have you believe.

I can think for myself and don’t have a husband who tells me how to vote, despite what failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed.

Montgomery makes some great points.

She also believes that female support for Democratic candidates is declining.

This seems to me to understate the challenge faced by conservative candidates when it comes to women. The gender gap was real and large in the midterms.

But the good news is that women have done well in the last few years.

They must do a better job of communicating this message.