Founder of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook, has asked four leaders of her movement to step down after their refusal to break ties with known anti-Semites, like Louis Farrakhan.

She called on Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez to resign, writing this in a Facebook post:

Despite Shook’s request, the individuals named appear to have no intention of complying. The Women’s March Facebook page posted a response message calling Shook “irresponsible” for trying to “fracture our network.”

While it’s easy to get blacklisted as conservative, some on the Left seem to insulate their own. The consensus on these leaders is divided, but there is no mistaking that as recently as last week, Farrakhan described Jewish people as “satanic” and called them his “enemy.”

Prominent Women’s March supporter Alyssa Milano has said she will not participate in the 2019 March if the leaders don’t condemn Farrakhan’s rhetoric. Actress Debra Messing has joined Milano in standing up against the anti-Semitism.

Shook is no longer in charge of the March she founded and cannot force them out, but reports of the March “imploding” are starting to flood the internet.

The March was founded with the intent of standing up to language Shook and others didn’t like regarding women and immigrants. It turned into a progressive movement encompassing everything from gun control to abortion, going so far as to exclude a pro-life feminist group from sponsoring the March.

If March supporters and leaders can accept hateful, threatening speech against Jews and LGBT individuals, they have zero ground left to stand on regarding speech against other groups.