First Ladies often see their taste in decor criticized.

But the ferocity of the reactions from the left to First Lady Melania Trump's  Christmas decorations at the White House is something we've not seen before.

It's nothing short of unhinged.

In particular, the red topiary Christmas trees lining the East Colonnade have fluttered the dovecots of the left.  The trees have become a Rorschach test of sorts.

Most of us look at the red trees and see–well, red Christmas trees. Not so on the left, as Debra Heine notes:

Democrats are comparing the red trees to The Handmaid's Tale because the handmaids wear red cloaks. Get it? This is "hilarious," we're told.

. . .

They're also comparing the red trees to a car wash, Muppets, and other assorted things. They've even brought back last year's favorite comparison — The Shining.

Heine links to a picture of the Christmas trees adorned with the white headdress associated with the dystopian novel and TV series.

Overall, the viciousness is epic.

#TruthAnd JusticeWillPrevail tweeted (alas, I can't reproduce TAJWP's vicious art work):

@StephenKing couldn't have come up with a better horror scene…
Red trees covered with the blood of South American immigrant children that #TrumpPrinceOfDarkness ripped from their mothers arms…

Well, aren't you @FLOTUS a disgusting thing?

A Michael Goodwin tweeted:

The “Be Best” Christmas ornaments are actually the perfect symbol for Melania Trump’s anti-bullying campaign – they both have a shiny, white exterior and are completely empty inside (much like the entire Trump clan.)

Kathleen was possessed of noteworthy Christmas cheer:

Any babies in mangers? Or were they all gassed at the border? Be best….

Neena also got personal:

The video is creepy. @FLOTUS looks like an evil witch living alone in a castle because the good people realized that she is wicked & have abandoned her. The red trees, the sharpened pencils, the Be Best tear gas grenades. #TrumpRussia #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #WhiteHouseChristmas

Many of the tweets eschewed politics in favor of snobbery. Toni H tweeted:

Melania taste in decor is ridiculous! Money does not equate to class or style.

Toni H, look in the mirror. Does this nasty tweet "equate" to kindness and decency?

Another tweeter compared the White House Christmas trees to the garden aisle at Walmart, which many normie Americans quite like.

It is fine to criticize the First Family's taste but this level of viciousness is disturbing. That so many can become so nasty over Christmas trees says a lot about how a seething, snobbish hatred has seeped into our lives.

Folks, get a grip.

The holiday season would be a nice time to reject this kind of gratuitous meanness.