People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is now focusing on the horror of common phrases like “kill two birds with one stone,” calling it “Speciesism,” the term for discrimination based on species (dog, cat, etc.) and the “failure to consider interests” of those species. Here is the full list of problematic phrases:

The Anti-Animal Language campaign is bull crap. PETA diminishes the importance of real discriminatory practices like racism and sexism by equating those practices with so called “speciesism”.

These “speciesist” phrases have been around for centuries and are clearly no longer being used to suggest cruelty to animals. Even when they first originated, not all indicated animal abuse. For example, the saying “bring home the bacon” is said to have originated in the year 1104 amongst the royalty in Essex as a side of devotion after marriage.

PETA’s whole premise is that by continuing to use these phrases in daily conversation, we normalize the action described in the phrase. Yet, no one is going to literally ‘beat a dead horse’ when they want to drive home a point—they’ll simply blather on too long. This campaign assumes that people don’t understand figurative language. In other words, PETA thinks you’re dumb. Or PETA is worried about an animal overhearing the phrase and getting offended. Both arguments are crazy…like a fox

PETA’s famous for pulling stunts. In the 90s, the organization liked to parade naked, anorexic women around in public spaces on cold days while making them hold signs saying they’d rather go naked than wear fur. But in the #metoo era, the naked ladies stunt stopped looking so woke so PETA shifted gears, taking on a more social justice meets anthropomorphism style of activism that suggests animals have feelings and ergo, certain speech codes should be put in place to ensure none of our furry friends is offended.

PETA’s been using this strategy a lot lately. In fact, earlier this week, IWF reported on a new PETA ad campaign featuring a billboard that reads “Face It—You Can’t Claim to Be a Feminist and Still Eat Eggs” and a controversial (though totally amusing) PETA letter that said drinking milk is racist.

IWF’s Patrice Onwuka, explains PETA’s failed tactics perfectly: “When they employ such over-the top rhetoric, they become a stumbling block in their own way and it’s hard for anyone to take them seriously.”

PETA’s reliance on these divisive publicity stunts to stay relevant is not working. In fact, the public is starting to see through these tactics and the company is losing support. Just check out the angry comments that followed PETA’s tweet:

“Speciesism”?? Oh for crying out loud. Stop killing so many animals and maybe then you’ll be taken seriously. Until then take a seat you loons.

I’m really offended on behalf of: Test tube babies, Overweight horses, Croissants that don’t have homes, Flowers that have been groped against their will and People who don’t know WTF a scone is! You really screwed the pooch on this one, PETA

It’s a dog eat dog world out there