Amazing Race star, Carlos Alonso Juarez, faced his toughest obstacle yet: escaping socialism in Venezuela. Over the past few years, political tensions have turned violent as Venezuelans suffer through an economic crisis fueled by an authoritarian government leaving many of them starving and broke. Juarez explained to Fox News how “damaging” it was to see his people suffer.

Despite once being in great shape for the Amazing Race, and being an ex-cop, Juarez could not withstand the sheer lack of resources in his home country. To this day, his symptoms include “vomiting, fevers, fatigue, and nightmares” stemming from the conditions in Venezuela. This South American country is clearly on the brink of total collapse.

Millions have joined Juarez in fleeing the country in hopes of a better future. President Nicolas Maduro is much to blame for continuing socialist economic policies that lead to hunger and poverty. On top of it all, Time reports that the country is facing “brutal political repression, crippled health and education systems, and never-ending economic decline.”

The Maduro dictatorship has inspired many protests in Venezuela and his military response against his own people has made headlines in the past. One freedom fighter went viral after he landed in jail after he peacefully played his violin amongst the war-like protests.. Watch the touching video, and call to action to stop this authoritarian regime, below:

Many in my generation lust after the idea of socialism without fully understanding its consequences. It is easy to take for granted our capitalist society and to forget the benefits of a democracy when we live thousands of miles away from these terrors—but not everyone has that luxury.

Now that Carlos Alonso Juarez is safely living in Ecuador, he adds, “We don’t want handouts or pity. When the dictatorship is brought down, we will return to our country and rebuild it.”