IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 15, 2018
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Statement: Texas Judge's Ruling Is Common Sense
This Case Should Encourage Lawmakers to Consider a Radically Different Approach to Health Care

Washington, DC — Independent Women's Forum Policy Director Hadley Heath Manning released the following statement in response to U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor's ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional:

"Judge O'Connor's ruling is common sense: The individual mandate cannot be a proper use of Congress's taxing power now that there is no tax penalty for going uninsured. Americans should celebrate this decision and welcome the advancement of this case to the appellate level and then the Supreme Court. If the states challenging the Affordable Care Act ultimately prevail, this will be an overdue victory for the millions of Americans who have faced hardship as a result of the ACA. 

"This case also represents an important opportunity for policymakers to revisit the issue of health reform, an issue that is too important to abandon because of political division. But rather than double down on the ACA's failed approach, this case should encourage lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to consider a radically different approach centered not on government rules but on patient choice and high quality care for all."

Manning penned an oped for The Hill earlier this year on what the multi-state lawsuit, Texas v. United States, could mean for the GOP and pre-existing conditions.


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