Last year, to kick off our Christmas festivities my husband, stepson and I planned to attend the church production of It's a Wonderful Life. 
My stepson was just five years old and I was so concerned that after a long day at daycare he might not stay awake throughout the two-hour production. We dressed up in our dapper red coordinated outfits though and made our way to church.
When the lights when down and the stage was lit, it was me who started to yawn loudly. For the next hour, my head nodded and bobbed and I rubbed my eyes constantly trying to wipe away slumber. I was groggy and just wanted a pillow.
Meanwhile, this five-year-old was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. At times he and my husband had to nudge me or check to see if I was awake.
By intermission, I bolted for the lobby and hoped that they would say they were too tired to stay. They didn't. My stepson was enamored with the singing and kids on stage.
We returned to our seats and I decided I wouldn't fight sleep. I nestled into my seat, wrapped my scarf around me, perched my head on my husband's shoulder and went to sleep for most of the second half. Thankfully, I don't snore.
I didn't awake until close to the ending – in time to collect myself before the lights came on.
Tonight is the annual church play. I plan to nap in the afternoon before we go to the production and hopefully I'll stay awake this year. However, when the lights go down, naturally so do my eyelids.