Since everyone seems to be distracted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s dance moves, I would like to direct attention to the top three pro-liberty proposals that have come out of the first few days back for Congress.

1. Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Representative Francis Rooney, a Florida Republican, proposed a constitutional amendment establishing term limits

Term limits may not be a hot topic, but I believe they are important if our government is to ever again function properly. With the overwhelming feeling that nothing beneficial to the citizenry ever gets done in D.C., term limits guarantee fresh faces in Congress. Limited amount of time in office encourages politicians to legislate instead of ramping up support for their next campaign. In their Joint Resolution, Cruz and Rooney propose limiting Senators to two six-year terms and House members to three two-year terms.

2. Republican Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky Introduced a bipartisan "Audit the Fed" bill.

Though the push for the audit of the Federal Reserve has been ongoing for many years, the principle behind this concept still stands. The Federal Reserve’s lack of transparency is especially concerning because of their influence in the U.S. economy. From agreements with foreign governments and central banks, to its ability to affect the money supply, the Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful institutions in the country. In the bill Rep. Massie, along with 38 co-sponsors, simply asks for transparent monetary policy.

3. Georgia Republican Representative Rob Woodall introduced a bill to “Unleash America’s Economy

Rep. Woodall reintroduced the FairTax Plan to simplify the U.S. tax system, alleviate the federal governments financial burden on everyday people, and eliminate big-government control in the American economy. One of the biggest selling points of the FairTax plan is that it allows workers to keep 100% of their income without the government stepping in to take their share. Though President Trump’s tax reform was a huge win for the American people, this bill aims to take the financial freedom one step further.

Many of these bills get criticism for being ‘"pipe-dreams," but in order to ensure our freedom we must continue to talk about these policies. Liberty is not something that just exists, especially in D.C. Politicians must stick to their principles and produce bills with the best interest of the American people in mind. So let's keep an eye on these pro-liberty proposals in Congress.