Conservative women are tired of being falsely stereotyped. At the Young Women's Leadership Summit in Dallas last year, many expressed their disdain at the false narratives perpetuated about them. 

In this video, produced by Campus Reform, conservative women talk about how they are constantly labeled as "victims of the patriarchy" or slammed as "voting the way someone else tells them to vote." 

As a conservative woman, I can identify with these young women, sometimes hearing I don't know what's best for me or that I have "Stockholm Syndrome." It's the ultimate disrespect, especially when empowering women means empowering them to think for themselves. 

As one young woman put it, she is tired of being told she was a victim because she is a woman. It's hard to disagree with that.

There are hundreds of thousands of women out there who believe in free market policies, border security, choice in education — and most of them have no problem respecting that others may have a different opinion. That's not the trend we see coming from the Left, unfortunately.