When it comes to women's magazines, I've come to expect very little in terms of ideological diversity. But things might be changing, according to Karin Agness Lips. 
Lips, President of the Network of Enlightened Women, attended the Glamour Magazine Summit and came back with some welcoming information for women who may not toe the progressive line. 
In a piece for the Federalist, Lips recounts how she met a few fellow conservatives there, and had several conversations with women who were interested in a more balanced conversation on gun control and viewed the hearings on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with more objectivity than you generally hear from the feminist media. 
As an avid reader of women's magazines, I've noticed the concerted effort Glamour has made in recent years as well. During the Kavanaugh hearings in Washing, DC, we spoke with their political reporter, Celeste Katz, and she did a good job with balanced coverage. 
Despite the very loud extreme voices in the media regarding women-specific issues, the reality is that women show up across the ideological spectrum. There are more moderate, independent and right-of-center women than legacy media reports. 
As Lips wrote: 
"The biggest compliment Glamour could pay its readers is to respect their intellect. Don’t just give them something to buy, nod in agreement to, or laugh at. Give them something to think about. Smart women want smart content."
Note to media outlets everywhere. This is advice you should take!