Former Navy SEAL and now Congressman from Texas' Second District Dan Crenshaw (also of SNL fame) has an excellent piece in this morning's Wall Street Journal explaining that, yes, walls actually do work.

In "The Silly Arguments Against a Border Wall" Crenshaw demolishes the current Democratic Party rhetoric that a border wall of any kind is stupid and immoral.  

Crenshaw addresses the Democratic arguments one by one, beginning with . . .

They’ll just climb over it, dig under it or break through it. Just like that huh? I spent 10 years as a Navy SEAL, and people often say, “Dan, you know better than anyone how ineffective a wall is.” Actually, I know how effective walls are, even against skilled SEALs. Planning to scale a 30-foot steel slatted barrier is a daunting challenge. Do you bring an enormous ladder all the way there? How do you get down from the top? Jump? Rappel? This isn’t a Tough Mudder course. A few skilled and well-equipped people may figure it out, but the reality is that most will be deterred

The same goes for “digging” or “breaking.” Tunneling would require special equipment and hundreds of hours to dig under the barrier, the base of which would penetrate many feet underground. To break through it, you’d need specialized circular saws, torches or explosives. Typical equipment for a special-ops team, but not exactly on the packing list for a migrant. And Border Patrol agents would easily detect such a ruckus.

But . . .

They’ll just go around it. Exactly—that’s the point. A deterrent at the busiest sections of the border would allow more effective allocation of manpower. If a mile of the border is walled off, that’s one less mile the Border Patrol needs to worry about. Agents can still respond to the location if a special-ops caravan shows up with a blowtorch, but otherwise they can focus on open areas where it is simply not viable to build a barrier.

Crenshaw's fear is that Democratic leaders have adopted a position so extreme that a common sense solution to the border will be a political loss for them.

This is a must-read piece.