CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is known for his verbal tussles with President Trump – but yesterday, he actually did the President a favor. In a video where he was reporting from an area of border wall in McAllen, Texas, Acosta stressed that there was “no crisis.” He was sure to do a close-up of the tall, slatted wall that was…presumably doing its job by creating a barrier for entry. 

IWF Senior Fellow Kelsey Harkness has covered this issue on the ground as well, and did a fine job summing up the Acosta “oops” here. Her final point is worth noting: 

"A border wall is not the silver bullet that will solve the nation’s illegal immigration problem. In fact, it’s only a small step. But the San Diego example suggests that if we take this small step, the country could benefit in more ways than one."

You can always count on President Trump to weigh in with his trademark sarcasm as well, and this tweet actually made me chuckle: 

 One thing is for sure — Democrats in Congress who say they are opposed to a border wall now, were singing a different tune a few years ago.

What's changed? Oh yeah, they don't like the guy in charge these days.