Katie Yoder, Neetu Chandak and Mia Steupert have all experienced discrimination on campus and online due to their political views. They've been called names, harassed and been in the minority both on campus and in work environments. Luckily, they had a support network to fall back on when things got ugly. The Network of Enlightened Women (NeW), founded by IWF Fellow Karin Lips, was a safe haven for all three when they were in college (Mia still is) and beyond. 

I spoke with these young women today about how to stand strong in the face of political discrimination — and they had a lot of valuable advice to share. For example: 

— Remember that everyone has dignity
— Keep your integrity close
— Be respectful, civil and classy
— Try to understand where someone is coming from when they disagree with you
— Be the best person you can be no matter what

"It is so easy to see other people hurling insults — and you want to get back at them — but when you stoop low, it gives other people ammunition to paint you as something you aren't," Neetu said. 

Essays from all three girls can be found in the new book, "She's Conservative: Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America's College Campuses."