Is it really a cave to recognize that one is getting nothing, and going to get nothing, from a continued government shut down and end it?

Real Clear Politics analysis says that "Trump Finally Brings the Media Together: All Agree He Caved."

It might be accurate to call it a cave if holding out longer would have brought a compromise.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi might have talked about the human suffering wrought by the shutdown, but does anyone seriously think it would factor into her political calculations?

Would taxi drivers, house cleaners, and restaurant workers losing work really have brought the Speaker to the negotiating table?


But what did Speaker Pelosi, whose steely determination has eclipsed Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schuler's leadership qualities, really get from this supposed cave?

Derek Hunter, who does think the president lost big in ending the shutdown, nevertheless gives a pretty good summary of what the Democrats won in their hollow victory:

What Democrats won is a continued unsecured border.

Americans will continue to be victims of crimes, up to and including being murdered at the hands of people who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place, congratulations. Those criminals will continue to enjoy the protections of Democratic Party officials until they manage to cross the ever-moving line leftists draw to protect illegal aliens (basically a violent crime) and allow authorities to call ICE.

Way to go! Opioid overdoses will continue to skyrocket, claiming more American lives every year than died in the entirety of the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars combined. Congratulations, Democrats. 

I don’t really see how any of that is worth celebrating, but I’m not a “progressive Democrat.” I’m more interested in protecting American citizens than I am with illegal aliens or scoring political points with a race-obsessed base. 

I have to add that there is a humanitarian feature to the wall: migrant caravans bring enormous suffering. People are less likely to undertake these journeys, and to drag little children across thousands of treacherous miles, if they know that there is a wall that secures U.S. borders at the end of the road.

Speaker Pelosi, who had refused to let the President deliver his State of the Union address in the House Chamber, will allow him to deliver the SOTU in the Chamber on February 5. .