Statement: David Malpass Better Qualified to Run the World Bank Than Any President the Bank Has Had in Decades

February 6, 2019

Washington, DC — Independent Women's Forum Foreign Policy Fellow Claudia Rosett released the following statement in response to President Donald Trump's nomination of David Malpass as the US' choice to lead the World Bank:

"We applaud the President's selection of Treasury Under-Secretary David Malpass to lead the World Bank. Malpass is an advocate of the principles of human dignity and freedom that are the real foundations of development, and he’s better qualified to run the World Bank than any president the Bank has had in decades.

"Malpass has a track record as an economist who understands very well the vital role of freedom, including free markets, in development. He is richly experienced in both the private and public sector. He's an advocate of reforming the World Bank, and over the years, and through a variety of World Bank scandals, he has been a critic of the Bank’s self-serving mission creep, waste and more counter-productive ventures."


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Victoria Coley
Vice President, Communications
Independent Women’s Forum
[email protected]